The Most Realistic 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl On The Market! – 3D Signature Series Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl - This is our newest and most popular carbon fiber vinyl to date! Unlike other ordinary carbon fiber vinyl’s our Carbon Fiber Vinyl is manufactured to a level of outdoor durability and UV resistance unmatched by others. With a thicker surface, deeper 3D weave, bi-directional air-flow channels and no need for lamination, our Carbon Fiber Vinyl is the smart choice for any application.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Features

Bi-Directional Air ChannelsBi-Directional Air Channels

Bi-Directional Air Release Channels – Trapped air easily releases via the CFV Bi-Directional Air Release Channels.

True 3D Texture Weave FeelTrue 3D Texture Weave Feel

True 3D Texture Weave Feel – Almost impossible to distinguish from real carbon fiber, the 3D weave is built into the layers of vinyl that truly feels real to the touch.

Flexible & Stretchable MaterialFlexible & Stretchable Material

Extreme flexibility resulting in risk free applications. Use heat from gun or household hairdryer to stretch and make more pliable around tough curves.

Waterproof/UV ResistantWaterproof/UV Resistant

Completely waterproof vinyl, use in any outdoor conditions (even saltwater tested!) Plus our CFV will not fade or discolor outdoors even in the most harsh sun conditions.

Hundreds of show cars use our Carbon Fiber Vinyl. From Hot Import Nights to NOPI Nationals, our vinyl is displayed on some of the best cars in the industry!

Heat Capable – Easily Removable – Complex Curves Okay – Scratch Resistant – Pressure Sensitive – Clear Coat Capable

Purchase Carbon Fiber Vinyl (As Low As .99/Sq. Ft.)

Our rolls are manufactured in 5 FT widths and can be purchased at lengths up to 100 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a printed pattern?

No! This is a true 3D weave that reflects light and provides depth just like real carbon fiber.

How fast do we ship?

We ship all products the same day when orders are placed by 1PM EST Monday – Friday.

How do we ship?

We ship all products via Priority Mail. Most times this will arrive within 2-3 days.

Do we have a guarantee?

Yes! If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, please return product for a full refund!

Does it come in other colors?

Currently we only manufacture black and do not plan on offering other colors at this time. Black is the most widely used color and resemblence to real carbon fiber and we put our research and development efforts directly to that product design and development.

Can I use a heat gun?

Yes, our carbon fiber vinyl is very heat capabale and stretches and reduces to conform nicely to many types of complex curves. A heat gun is the best solution but you can also use a household hair dryer. You only need to use heat if you are installing on complex curves or crevices.

Do I need to laminate?

No, our carbon fiber vinyl is manufactured so no over laminate is required. Some our our clients do choose to use a clear coat for sertain applications but it is not needed. It is very scratch resistant and durable.

What can I apply it to?

Just about anything. Wood, steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, mortar, particle board, fiberglass and more. The possibilities are endless. 

Can it be removed?

Yes, you can remove the vinyl. Depending on how many years it is lef on the substrate will determine the removal difficulty but in general it is similar to removing a decals, just peel and use gum remover for any left over residue.